Online Computing Training for Primary teachers – only £35

I will be delivering these sessions on behalf of the National Centre for Computing Education.

Course 1: Introduction to Primary Computing (aimed at complete beginners or teachers who are less confident in delivering computing)

Course content:

  • 01 | What is computing? – Understand computing as a subject, a future career path, and a set of critical skills for modern life. Consider what outstanding teaching of computing for all should look like.
  • 02 | The computing curriculum – Consider computing teaching and progression in your classroom and evaluate a range of high quality resources to help you develop towards outstanding learning.
  • 03 | Getting started with teaching primary programming – Understand how computational thinking underpins learning of computer programming, and how algorithms form the basis of all programs – using programmable toys and free online tools.
  • 04 | You don’t need to know everything – Navigate confidently through the vast range of support and resources available to help you develop your teaching of computing.

Click on the link below to book (all courses are remote, using online platforms)

Course 2: Primary Programming and Algorithms (aimed at teachers who are quite confident at teaching computing; going deeper into terminology and programming constructs)

Course content:

  • 01 | developing understanding in KS1 – You will understand algorithms and how they can be expressed in computer programs. You will learn strategies to support children to become confident and independent learners. You’ll also start to use programmable toys for early programming
  • 02 | Sequence and repetition – Use unplugged teaching approaches that help children understand the key building blocks of algorithms. Develop the programming knowledge of young people using accessible on-screen coding environments, as well as more sophisticated use of programmable toys
  • 03 | Selection and variables – Represent algorithm design in different forms including structured language and flowcharts. Use variables within more efficient programs, and develop effective pedagogy to teach programming throughout the primary age range

Select one of the following course dates (all courses are remote, using online platforms)

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