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Did you know that the National Centre for Computing Education hosts a wealth of teaching resources for KS1, KS2 and KS3?

At the moment there is a fairly limited amount, but this will increase shortly as more resources are in the pipeline and just about to be published.

Have a look on the Teach Computing website in the resources section.

Each lesson pack contains: Lesson plans, Learning graphs, Unit overviews, Activities, Assessments and Homework.

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Health & Wellbeing Conference 2019

I had the absolute pleasure of delivering 4 training sessions to PGCE and Schools Direct students at Southampton University, at their annual Health and Wellbeing conference – 10th Anniversary.

The morning lectures were on online safety, which I titled ‘Internet City; helping children navigate a safe and healthy path’. We covered everything from content and conduct, to testing and checking reliable sources of information.

The afternoon workshops were also about children’s online activity, but specifically how to engage parents. I strongly believe that our best line of defence against cyber bullying and keeping our pupils safe online is to bring parents on board through meaningful and supportive contact. This is a brand new workshop that I’ve developed recently and this was the first time I’ve delivered it. I’m very pleased to say it went really well and had both secondary and primary trainee teachers engaged and inspired.

The conference as a whole was a huge success, as it is every year. My only wish is that it could be expanded to include all teachers, not just trainees. I truly think that even the most experienced practitioners could benefit from the wealth of knowledge, techniques and up to date information regarding all aspects of pupil’s mental and physical health (as well as some very good tips for teacher’s wellbeing!).

If you are a parent reading this, or a teacher who would like to give advice to parents on the aspect of online safety, then this booklet is extremely useful. You can download it for free as a PDF, or I believe you can also order some for free for your school. Some absolutely brilliant advice and very interesting stats!

Digital Parenting by Vodafone and ParentZone

STEM – Associate Facilitator

I’m very proud to have received my certificate and pin to show that I am officially a STEM associate facilitator! So far I’ve delivered five courses for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 teachers, from Teaching and Leading Computing to Programming and Algorithms.

As the role of the NCCE (National Centre for Computing Education) develops to further support schools, my role will also change to include both CPD and supporting teachers by offering planning and curriculum advice, team teaching experiences, support with overviews and developing computing skills progression.

Please get in touch if this is something you think would benefit your school; there are heavily subsidised rates for schools in certain areas, particularly Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Gosport and other areas of Hampshire.

Associate Facilitator STEM primary computing

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