DIY Crumble Cart!

Teaching Physical Computing is mandatory in UK Primary Schools (See my previous post on Physical Computing: Where do I start? for more information)

One of the best products out there to deliver this fun and exciting part of the curriculum, is Redfern’s Crumble micro controller.

Here are instructions and resources for you to build your own little handy Crumble Cart. Just big enough to carry around your battery pack, Crumble and maybe even a couple of crumbs!

You will need: Printed template onto A4 card (or make it yourself from the measurements!), a pencil and some blue tack to make the holes and some scissors.

This is designed for two Crumble Motors, which can be bought along with everything else, from Redfern Electronics.

Watch the video for instructions and an example of how you can use it!

Just in case you’re interested, here is the code I used to program the cart as seen in the final part of the demo video…

Crumble Code for the Cart Demo in the Video…

Print this full size on to A4 paper (borderless if possible) then follow the instructions in the video.

If you prefer to draw your own, here are the measurements!

You can also head here to the official STEM resource library to download it: Build your own Crumble Cart!

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