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Project #1 – aMaze Game – A series of online computing lessons for KS2

This series of online lessons is designed for any child in Key Stage 2 (Y3 – Y6, or even beyond!) to watch and learn from independently, or for use by a class teacher who is not confident in teaching computing and can learn alongside the children.

The lessons follow the four levels of abstraction/ 4 stages of a project from Task, to Design Algorithm, to Coding to Evaluating/ Debugging. The aim is that the lessons teach the user key concepts in computing (See the table at the end of the page), whilst creating a maze game using the free block based programming software: ‘Scratch‘.

Primary Computing Online Lesson aMaze Game
Scratch Online Studio for children to submit their games and ask for support

The lessons are designed to be paused at the end, showing helpful code, so that the user may follow along and create their own project in tandem with the lessons.

At the end of the series, children have the option of sharing their ‘aMaze Game’ project using the Scratch Online Studio feature, which I have set up on my Scratch account.

All of the lessons are short YouTube videos and are in sequence in the playlist: Run Don’t Walk Online Computing Lessons – aMaze game

There are 18 lessons in all, however as they are quite short, it may be possible to complete two or three in one session, depending on how long you want the children to work for.

Have a look at the first one, see what you think!

Below is a grid demonstrating key concepts and skills taught in each lesson, click on the titles to head straight to the video:

Entire series playlist: Run Don’t Walk Online Computing Lessons – aMaze game

LessonTitleNational Curriculum objectives and skills taught
1The TaskDecomposition & 4 levels of abstraction (4 stages of a project)
2DesignDecomposition & algorithms
3Bitmap vs VectorUsing Scratch Sprite Editor, difference between Bitmap and Vector Art
4Sprite DesignAnimating Sprites using costumes, labelling and resizing sprites, saving projects
5Maze DesignCreating Backdrops, using the shapes tool
6Coding MovementUsing selection for smooth sprite motion control using keyboard input
7Initialisation and VariablesInitialisation and introducing variables
8SelectionUsing selection to enable sprites to interact with backdrop
9Obstacle DesignAnimating Sprites using costumes
10Obstacle MovementUsing the Glide block, sequence and repetition
11Obstacle CloningCloning in Scratch – generalisation
12Obstacle InteractionUsing selection for sprite interaction, logical reasoning
13TimerUsing a variable to create a countdown timer
14Game OverSwitching backdrops, triggering events using variables
15Win BroadcastScratch Broadcast Feature, triggering events using variables
16Making Level 2Using backdrop changes as event triggers
17Level 2 ObstaclesDuplicating sprites
18DebuggingDebugging and logical reasoning
19Enjoy your game!Sharing projects online and collaborating
List of skills and National Curriculum objectives taught in each lesson

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