Primary Computing Training: Free online ‘Scratch Programming’ workshop

What a great session! We had 41 in the room at one point. Thank you so much you lovely teachers for getting involved and being so interactive! Please don’t forget to sign up to get your free computing support from your local computing hub, and make sure you have the resources from the Scratch Session G Drive Folder.

Primary Teachers! Join this online workshop to gain subject knowledge around teaching programming using Scratch; get to know the Scratch environment further including the use of variables, ‘make a block’, vector vs bitmap and all the latest hints and tips.

Book on via Park House Computing Hub: Wednesday 24th November. 3:30 – 5pm, Scratch Programming Workshop

Participants need access to Scratch Online

and to download the worksheet here:

KS1 and KS2 training in specialist computing areas

Primary Computing remote CPD courses
Primary Computing Remote CPD Courses

Phil Bagge and I are delivering remote training sessions on some of the more niche areas of the computing curriculum. From Physical Computing to 3D design, take you pick in this quality (yet cheap – only ÂŁ40) training opportunity.

Download the PDF flyer below and you can click on each course title to book on.

For even more CPD opportunities in both primary and secondary, please visit:

Park House School CPD Network – remote and online training

Free CPD in Primary Computing

There is a new wave of primary and secondary CPD, free for teachers in state schools in England, being released by the NCCE. For a full catalogue of courses you can book on to, please head to

Here are the courses that I am running, hosted by Park House Computing Hub. Click on the flyer to book on…

Primary Computing - NCCE Programming and Algorithms Course - May 2020
Primary Computing – NCCE Programming and Algorithms Course – May 2020
Primary Computing - NCCE Programming and Algorithms Course - June 2020
Primary Computing – NCCE Programming and Algorithms Course – June 2020
Primary Computing - NCCE Programming and Algorithms Course - July 2020
Primary Computing – NCCE Programming and Algorithms Course – July 2020

I’ve been delivering the Primary Programming and Algorithms course remotely since lockdown; here is some feedback from some of my delegates:

Now I feel more confident with teaching the various skills required for primary computing; I cannot wait to apply what I have learnt in the classroom! Thank you so much!

KS1 Teacher

Learned loads more about Scratch – definitely feeling a lot more confident in terms of teaching from the algorithm stage to then applying it to the coding with the selection aspects! Was also a great laugh connecting with others in these isolated times! Thanks so much – got loads of great ideas to use in the classroom!

KS2 Teacher

Feeling much more confident to teach selection and variables. I think the practical classroom activities will prove really useful to introduce algorithms and programming within my own class. As an NQT this is something that I will take forward and implement in my classroom as as soon as possible 🙂


Thank you Phil! I’ve never learnt through remote access before but have  enjoyed it so much. I now need to ‘play’ with Scratch and learn for myself. You have gone above and beyond to answer questions and provide support for us and share your valuable resources.

Deputy Head

Itchy Bytes: Scratch Starters!

My new “Delve in, for twelve min!” video features three new Scratch projects (Which you can download for free from TES here: Itchy Bytes: Quick Starters, Lessons, Plenaries in coding), designed as starters, plenaries, or you could even stretch them out into a full lesson. 

As the Autumn term draws to an end, I’ve found these particularly helpful when pupils need a short activity (you know, for when you’re waiting to be called to the hall for their part in the Christmas Production??). Each project reinforces the concepts of sequence, selection and repetition, whilst encouraging them to thing logically and predict/test what each block of code does. AND they’re really fun.

Watch the video for a demonstration…

Give them a try, let me know how you get on!


Today I received an email from someone who shadowed me teaching for a day:

“It was amazing to see how inspired you are in teaching your subjects and have really motivated and encouraged me to pursue a career in teaching. It was a pleasure to watch you teach and how you engage with your pupils.”

Really humbled by this, it’s such a great feeling to know you’ve had a positive impact!

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