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Here are some handy guidance documents for setting up your home devices with parental controls and safety features:

More advice and guidance here:

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‘Detector Bot’ wins place among Redfern’s online projects!

My student – William Bradley – has had his amazing design picked up by none other than Crumble creators Redfern, as a project for others to download and build.

Redfern tweeted about their amazing new project, inspired by William:

You can read all about the project and how to download and build it on Crumble’s Scanner Bot Project Page.

They also wrote a blog post about the Scanner Bot, referencing William as the inspiration behind the project. I’m very proud to say they also referenced me and my approach to teaching Physical computing:

In his blog about the teaching that went around this project, Phil outlines his creative approach to teaching physical computing. Instead of having a set project in mind, he teaches the children how to use the individual components, and then lets them use their imagination to come up with a project. We really like this approach to physical computing, as it enables children to work within their means, and push themselves to their own limits. The phrase “low floor, high ceiling and wide walls” comes to mind here.

Daniel – Redfern Electronics

I’m really pleased that they also picked up on the importance of the design stage; something I’ll always be a great advocate of in both physical computing and coding projects.

So thank you Redfern, and massive shout out to William; I’m so proud of you! Let’s hope this inspires both teachers and pupils alike in their computing adventures…

Fully Funded Computing Support for Primary Schools!

National Centre for Computing Education
“Our vision is to achieve a world-leading computing education for every child in England.”

I am the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for primary schools in the South East (Hampshire, Isle of Wight & West Sussex) and I’d like to make you aware of the latest wave of support from the NCCE.

If you are in a Category 5 or 6 primary school, then you are eligable for fully funded support; which means a bursary of £185 per day (back to your school) when you send one teacher – per academic year – on one of our fully funded (free!) training courses.

In addition to this, you are entitled to half a day of SME support; meaning I will complete an action plan with you and assist in any way that I can to improve and develop your delivery of the computing curriculum. This may take the form of curriculum overview development, help with planning, any additional training, subject lead support and so on.

A wise use of your SME time would be to team up with other schools and pool your time together. For example, if you and 3 other computing leads from 4 different schools all gathered together, I could train/ assist/ support you for 2 whole days.

If you are not in my area but still a CAT 5/6 school, then please submit a request for SME support through this request form. Otherwise, please get in touch with me directly on

If you are not Category 5 or 6, then there are still loads of resources and lesson plans for download, free online courses and you can of course still attend the training courses for a small fee of £35 per teacher per day. Have a look at all this on the Teach Computing website.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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