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Phil Wickins

My name is Phil Wickins and I am a primary school teacher, leader and CAS (Computing at school) Master Teacher, specialising in computing, based in Southampton, UK.

I am dedicated to supporting primary schools and individual teachers across the UK through resources, assessment tools and training.

I am a creative, versatile and motivated communicator with over 10 years of leading, educational and training experience. I have advanced problem solving skills, I am a logical and lateral thinker with the proven ability to inspire confidence in others.

Please contact me to arrange a booking for:

  • Primary Computing Curriculum Consultation
  • Teacher training (INSET, Twilight, Staff Meeting, Whole and Half day CPD)
  • Team Teaching, alongside your computing subject lead
  • Primary Computing Subject Lead CPD
  • Planning and Pedagogy CPD


Registered Ednologist

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Part of the Tech Age Kids product review team

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