Primary Computing Training: Free online ‘3D Design & CAD’ workshop

Primary Teachers! Join this workshop to get some hands on experience using Sketchup, a free 3D design tool used in the DT curriculum for CAD, and in the computing curriculum to add to the variety of software pupils use.

Book on via Park House Computing Hub: Wednesday 8th December, 3:30 – 5pm, Sketchup and 3D Design

To successfully participate in this training, participants need access to Sketchup. You can either use Sketchup online, or download the free version Sketchup 2017 ‘make’

About the course…

Using Computer Aided/Assisted Design (CAD) in primary schools is often overlooked. In KS2 especially, CAD usually and disappointingly results in pupils merely printing a 2D net, or creating a poster to advertise a product.

This session will reveal how true 3D product design is achievable (and free!) not just for the DT curriculum, but also to serve in background/ sprite design within Computing as well as helping to meet the requirement of pupils needing to be able to select and use a wide range of software for specific purposes.

Using Sketchup Make 2017 (free for users within education), this session will cover creating basic 3D models, annotating, creating scale models with measurements, creating 2D images of these models as multi-viewpoint plans and cross sectional diagrams.

Primary Computing Training: Free online ‘Scratch Programming’ workshop

What a great session! We had 41 in the room at one point. Thank you so much you lovely teachers for getting involved and being so interactive! Please don’t forget to sign up to get your free computing support from your local computing hub, and make sure you have the resources from the Scratch Session G Drive Folder.

Primary Teachers! Join this online workshop to gain subject knowledge around teaching programming using Scratch; get to know the Scratch environment further including the use of variables, ‘make a block’, vector vs bitmap and all the latest hints and tips.

Book on via Park House Computing Hub: Wednesday 24th November. 3:30 – 5pm, Scratch Programming Workshop

Participants need access to Scratch Online

and to download the worksheet here:

Physical Computing Training REMOTE

Finally! A remote Crumble course!

You have been asking for a while now for me to run some Physical Computing courses remotely, for those of you who have Crumble kits already in your school. I’m pleased to let you know that on Thursday 9th December I will be doing just that!

I’m going to run 2 free courses so you can choose which time slot works best for you, please use the following links to book on:

Crumble For Beginners – Primary Computing CPD: Remote Thursday 9th December 1pm – 3pm

Crumble For Beginners – Primary Computing CPD: Remote Thursday 9th December 3:30pm – 5:30pm

This course takes you from the most basic level of what Physical Computing is, right the way through to wiring and coding a physical robotic system. I will give you hints and tips, share best practice with how to engage, support and challenge your pupils, and give you lots of free resources to take away and use straight away.

Please be aware that this is a remote course, so to participate successfully, you will need the following:

A Crumble kit (I will be using the starter kit from Redfern, plus a pair of motors and wheels)

A computer (must have USB port) with Redfern’s Crumble Software on it (which can run on PC, Mac and Chromebooks)

A printed template of my Origami Crumble Cart

Coloured felt tips – red, black, green, yellow, scissors, pencil and a blob of bluetack.

I will most likely be using Google Meet to deliver this training.

Do you know origami?

I look forward to seeing you online!

If you want to read more about Physical Computing and see some pupil examples, please have a look at my Physical Computing page…

Physical Computing KS2: Crumble Training – January 2022

Two opportunities to attend the TeachComputing Crumble course for KS2 (aimed at Y5 and Y6 teachers):

Tuesday 18th January, Queen Anne’s School in Reading – 1pm – 3pm

Tuesday 18th January, Queen Anne’s School in Reading – 4pm – 6pm

About the course:

The course aims to introduce teachers to the Crumble micro controller; a lovely piece of kit that is so open ended, pupils can create all kinds of robotic autonomous systems.

If you want to know more in general about Physical Computing, have a look at my blog post:

Physical Computing: Where do I start?

Physical computing involves programming digital devices to sense and interact with the world – an engaging alternative to screen-only activity. It touches upon many areas of the computing curriculum, bringing subject knowledge and programming skills to engaging and enjoyable classroom activities.

The Crumble Controller is an easy-to-use programmable device, ideal for physical computing in primary schools. It is capable of driving two motors. With 4 input / output terminals, children can connect LEDs, switches and other interesting add-ons.

During this CPD you’ll explore how Crumble can be used in the classroom, with blocks of code ‘snapping’ together in an easy-to-use, Scratch-like environment suitable for key stage 2. You’ll find out how to setup the device, how to make use of input and output terminals and explore how to use the device with children. The CPD will help you gain confidence in teaching using Crumble, and the free Teach Computing Curriculum.

The National Centre for Computing Education has developed a Crumble physical computing kit that can be borrowed from your local Computing Hub, following your CPD.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at classroom teacher and subject leaders of computing, looking to develop physical computing approaches in the KS2 classroom.

How will you learn?

Hands-on experiential learning with the collaborative support of your peers, led by an experienced facilitator. The course will model teaching approaches that can be taken back to the classroom.

How long is the course?

This course consists of one 2 hour session.

TeachMeet – free online networking and advice for Primary Computing

A date for your diary for schools that fall under the Park House Computing Hub (or beyond if you wish!), covering: Portsmouth, Gosport, Basingstoke, Newbury, Bracknell, Reading).

Wednesday September 22nd 2021: join myself and other experts for networking, advice, guidance and to share best practice in your computing curriculum.

Click here for more info: TeachMeet – Primary Computing Remote Session, hosted by Park House Computing Hub.

See you there!

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