Anyone for crumble?

FE267EBD-8ADC-42D6-B8EC-52C0037B611B.jpegI’m teaching my year 6 class physical computing with a brand new set of crumble micro controller (Redfern electronics).

We’ve also bought for each crumble set: 2 motors, 1 servo, 2 LEDs, a switch and a distance sensor. The class are currently in the process of playing, exploring and planning (I like to sometimes try all these processes at once), with the aim of creating a moving model using each component to bring it to life.

We came across an interesting problem with the coding to control the servos however; you can’t use a servo control block on its own. It simply won’t do anything. You have to add a piece of code directly after it, for example a ‘wait’, for it to function. I’ve let Redfern know they need to add this piece of vital information to their help guide!

More on these projects later….

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