ScratchUp inspiration!


A colleague who attended my workshop on Computer Aided Design at the National Computing at School Conference 2018 has tweeted his pupil’s work based on my ‘ScratchUp‘ ideas (Combining 3D design on Sketchup, with Scratch programming).


Needless to say, I’m well impressed and honoured to have had such an impact!

Keep ’em coming!


Anyone for crumble?

FE267EBD-8ADC-42D6-B8EC-52C0037B611B.jpegI’m teaching my year 6 class physical computing with a brand new set of crumble micro controller (Redfern electronics).

We’ve also bought for each crumble set: 2 motors, 1 servo, 2 LEDs, a switch and a distance sensor. The class are currently in the process of playing, exploring and planning (I like to sometimes try all these processes at once), with the aim of creating a moving model using each component to bring it to life.

We came across an interesting problem with the coding to control the servos however; you can’t use a servo control block on its own. It simply won’t do anything. You have to add a piece of code directly after it, for example a ‘wait’, for it to function. I’ve let Redfern know they need to add this piece of vital information to their help guide!

More on these projects later….

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