Physical Computing Training REMOTE

Finally! A remote Crumble course!

You have been asking for a while now for me to run some Physical Computing courses remotely, for those of you who have Crumble kits already in your school. I’m pleased to let you know that on Thursday 9th December I will be doing just that!

I’m going to run 2 free courses so you can choose which time slot works best for you, please use the following links to book on:

Crumble For Beginners – Primary Computing CPD: Remote Thursday 9th December 1pm – 3pm

Crumble For Beginners – Primary Computing CPD: Remote Thursday 9th December 3:30pm – 5:30pm

This course takes you from the most basic level of what Physical Computing is, right the way through to wiring and coding a physical robotic system. I will give you hints and tips, share best practice with how to engage, support and challenge your pupils, and give you lots of free resources to take away and use straight away.

Please be aware that this is a remote course, so to participate successfully, you will need the following:

A Crumble kit (I will be using the starter kit from Redfern, plus a pair of motors and wheels)

A computer (must have USB port) with Redfern’s Crumble Software on it (which can run on PC, Mac and Chromebooks)

A printed template of my Origami Crumble Cart

Coloured felt tips – red, black, green, yellow, scissors, pencil and a blob of bluetack.

I will most likely be using Google Meet to deliver this training.

Do you know origami?

I look forward to seeing you online!

If you want to read more about Physical Computing and see some pupil examples, please have a look at my Physical Computing page…

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