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As well as teaching and training in Primary Computing, I also support middle and senior leadership in gathering and analysing pupil assessment data. To support these processes, I have created assessment tools which run in Microsoft Excel and track pupil attainment and progress in KS1 and KS2.

My assessment tools are now up on TES for sale here:-

Run Don’t Walk Objective Tracker. (Complete solution) Only £30

Run Don’t Walk Tracking System. (Basic solution) Only £15

These are class data tracking tools to assist teachers input, store, track and analyse their class data, including a vulnerable groups comparison and combined subject attainment diagram. These tools are written within MS Excel, so there is no need to purchase/ learn new software.

These tools are most helpful to teachers who find data gathering, manipulation and analysis difficult, or who may struggle with the more technical nature of progress recording, or who simply wish to have a close handle on their pupils progress.

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Main Features:


Input up to 40 pupils and specify gender, pupil premium, and 3 customisable groupings (e.g. SEND, EAL, LAC)

(Objective Tracker only) – Customisable objectives, initially populated with widely recognised ‘key’ objectives from the National Curriculum. Input ‘Not met’, ‘Mostly Achieved’, ‘Achieved’, or ‘Mastery’ for each objective for years 1 – 6, every half term

Input “Emerging, Expected, Exceeding” for reading, writing and maths starting with the previous year’s end results, and continuing half termly (e.g. Autumn 1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, etc) (This is automatically calculated in the ‘Objective Tracker’ version, from data gathered from the amount of objectives achieved, however does feature a manual override)

Print off class data posters for each half term showing full breakdown of data within vulnerable groups as to how many pupils are on track to make expected or above attainment and indication of typical/ accelerated progress.

Print off whole year data sheet giving overview of all data, colour coded to highlight weaker/ stronger areas (includes gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils).

Select individual pupils to view progress charts in reading, writing and maths compared to class average and national average; ideal for parent’s evenings/ reports.

View ‘windscreen’ style charts in reading, writing and maths, showing at a glance children’s progress throughout each term.

View a ‘combined’ subject Venn Diagram, showing which children are on track to meet expected attainment in all three subjects, or two, or one, or none.

This tool is designed to eliminate human error by removing the need for the teacher to calculate percentages and comparisons by hand. It also provides an excellent visual representation of children’s learning across time.

This is designed for individual teacher use, however please do get in touch if you are interested in whole school training.

Please see the video tutorials for more information:

RDW – Objective Tracker – FULL version (Complete solution £30):

RDW – Tracking system – LITE (Basic solution £15):


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